Doin' It For Diane

Annual Fundraiser
for the Stoughton Food Pantries

"The Distance from Provider to Impoverished is Quite Short!"

This was the phrase used in our donation letters, that we mailed to some of our local businesses, requesting food donations for our "Doin' It For Diane" fundraiser for the Stoughton Food Pantry and St. Anthony's Free Market.

I don't know whether it was this phrase that attracted the attention, or the respect and admiration for whom this event is named, Diane Murray, but the outcome, our receiving very generous contributions from these establishments, was much appreciated.

The event was a huge success, raising over $7,000.00, which 100% will be equally divided between the two pantries and, ultimately, to our friends and neighbors, whom very much need this outpouring of community aid.

There were over 100 people in attendance, enjoying the fine foods from; Stop & Shop Supermarket, Roche Bros Supermarket, Nocera's Restaurant, Town Spa Pizza, Panera Bread, Smokey Bones Restaurant and BJ's Wholesale.

The McGowan Family provided coffee and two large sheet cakes were custom made by Lucy, a good friend of Diane. We also had some great music provided by DJ Dave Jordan.

A very special treat, The Echos, an a cappella group
went from table to table singing 50's music (thank you Anne Havlin).


There were several raffle items available from various places including; Gold's Gym, Elite Fitness, Get Personal, Linda Devoe, Fire Chief Jardin, Mark Snyder, etc, which helped bring the tally close to 50% more than last years total.

Speaking of Mark Snyder, he did a great job as the MC for the evening, along with our very good friend David Fisher, who is also the husband of Diane Murray, the master organizer, the celebrity chef, the ticket seller, ticket collector, a great friend and another reason we do this fabulous fundraiser!

We need to thank my wife, Joanne, my daughter, Danielle, our good friends, the triplets, Ethan, Zach and Jed Pearlstein, and Denis Donahue, who were all a tremendous help in getting, serving and helping to prepare the food.


Nina Bradley and Bill McBride (who work with St. Anthony's Free Market) were also involved in various chores to make this evening a success and Peter Banis, our 50/50 raffle expert.


We cannot forget the rest of our "Doin' It For Diane" Committee, Deni Goldman, Cindy Pazyra, Suzanne Blacker (one of our Stoughton Food Pantry Ladies) and Anne Havlin (who runs St. Anthony's).


Lastly and most definitely not leastly, The People who bought tickets, bought raffles, showed up in the bitter, windy cold and ate and danced the night away. Without The People there is no party, which correlates to less food for those in need and those who need us during their time of need.







I will end this year's Tribute to Diane the same way I had started
"The Distance from Provider to Impoverished is Quite Short!"
Let us all remember this phrase because one day, when you least expect,
it could be you on the other side of the receiving table.

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